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Posted on: August 1, 2022

Be a Litter Quitter

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We hear over and over how important spay or neuter is for our most beloved family pets.  There are many reasons for this procedure.  Not only does it help reduce the number of animals that end up in a shelter, but there are heath benefits to your pet as well.

According to the ASPCA, millions of healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every year just because there were simply too many.

Neutering (sterilizing a male) can prevent/reduce marking and aggressive behavior.  In addition, intact male dogs and cats are more likely to roam, become lost in their search for a mate, or fight other males.  Neutering greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer in dogs and cats.

Spaying (sterilizing a female) eliminates messy heat cycles, reduces the tendency to roam, prevents unwanted litters, and especially if done before the first heat cycle will practically eliminate the risk of mammary, ovarian, and uterine cancers in cats and dogs.

So your next question might be, how much is this going to cost me?  The answer is not as much as you may think!  There are many clinics in the area that have realized the importance of spay/neuter to our overall community well-being and are working to offer extremely affordable options.  Feel free to contact us for some options.

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